C & W  Safe Etch

C & W  SAFE ETCH  # 100 & 700

A Low VOC Fountain Solution for Web and Sheetfed Printing (compatible with all types of dampening)

SAFE ETCH is environmentally friendly, containing minimum VOCs, yet still offering a wide window of control.  With solvent content at less than 5%, this solution will not attack ink pigments at point of printing.  Therefore, you can now achieve higher ink density with a thinner ink film.  A truer, more consistent reproduction of dot structure can be obtained.

ALCOHOL OR ALCOHOL SUBSTITUTE can be eliminated and are no longer necessary.

SAFE ETCH offers better performance on alkaline stocks because there are no strong acids present in this fountain solution.

SAFE ETCH allows for low consumption, 3 - 5 oz per gallon, to achieve desired conductivity.

SAFE ETCH contains additives to seal plates on shut down, insuring faster restarts and elimination of costly paper waste.

SAFE ETCH will enable aqueous plates to achieve longer running life, due to the elimination of high solvents and strong acids.

SAFE ETCH can now bring you back to the basics of lithography.  Minimum ink, minimum water and minimum pressures.

Adjustments for Running Safe Etch

  1. Initial ink and water adjustments will be necessary. Ink volume should be reduced 10 - 40 %. Initially leave the water alone, attempt to reduce the water after reducing ink.
  2. Lighter settings on water form and metering roller may be necessary because the solution is more viscous.
  3. Dampener sleeves are not necessary and should be removed.